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Located in the idyllic intersection of seaside relaxation and metropolitan excitement that is Tampa, FL, Martinez² & Associates of Florida knows a thing or two about what makes a house a home. In more than 15 years of experience in real estate, Nellie Martinez has mastered the art of making that distinction. We at Martinez² & Associates understand that the material requirements people have of their homes are only a piece of the puzzle.


In the end, what matters is that indescribable feeling - the intangible arsenal of qualities that transform four walls and a roof into the place you call home. It's why, first and foremost, we aim to understand our clients - we walk through the threshold of what they want and what they need, knowing that this attention to detail will undeniably lead them to crossing another, far more important threshold: the one into their dream home. 

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Nellie Martinez

Real Estate Broker


Nellie Martinez has over 18 years of experience in the real estate business. Nellie has many connections with appraisers, inspectors, title companies, etc., and the knowledge to help you every step of the way. Nellie is fluent in Spanish, and is happy to provide brokerage services to clients in Spanish or English.

Teresa Moore

Real Estate Agent 

Teresa Moore has been a dedicated real estate agent for over 12 years. Before pursuing her passions in the real estate market, Teresa led a successful career in finance and banking. Teresa's financial background gives her a unique perspective on the technicalities of the home-buying and selling processes. She is thrilled to be able to share this expertise with her clients. Teresa is happy to assist her clients in English or Spanish. 

Eva Cortes

Real Estate Agent 

Eva Cortes is a new and enthusiastic agent. She has years of customer service-driven entrepreneurial experience in the Tampa Bay community. An active member of the Hillsborough County school system, Eva is thrilled to help new and long-term members of our community find their perfect homes. 

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Carlos & Minerva Gonzalez
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Pete Martinez

Real Estate Agent

Pete Martinez was born and raised in the Tampa area. Pete has traveled all over Florida and his family has been in the real estate business for over 18 years. Pete is ready and excited to assist you in way that is needed. 

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Noelia Ramirez

Real Estate Agent 

Noelia Ramirez has been a Florida entrepreneur and business owner for over 13 years. She speaks Spanish fluently. In her professional endeavors, Noelia has always aimed to exceed expectations. This was as true during her first business venture as it is now, as she assists her clients in finding their dream homes. Noelia's entrepreneurial spirit, strong initiative, and enthusiasm drive her to bring about excellent results. 

Yanitisia Rodriguez

Real Estate Agent 

Yanitizia Rodriguez has lived in the Tampa Bay area for three years, and during that time she has developed a passion for its amazing environment. She is bilingual, specializing in Spanish, and is happy to assist current and future homeowners with finding their dream homes.

Maria Barbera

Marketing Coordinator

Maria Barbera was born in Brazil and raised in Central Florida. She has an array of experiences in digital and traditional content-based marketing. Maria harnesses her communications skills and fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian to ensure the utmost satisfaction of both her colleagues and their clients.

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Adriel Flores

Real Estate Agent


Adriel Flores, born and raised in Tampa, has thorough knowledge of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Adriel's dedication to customer excellence ensures the utmost customer satisfaction. 
Adriel will be there from the beginning to the end, assisting you in English or in Spanish, of the process and will happily help you open the door to your new home.

Sonya Chambers

Real Estate Agent 

Sonya Chambers is very committed in her field as a Real Estate Consultant. She was a Real Estate Broker in the New York State before relocating to Florida. Sonya has copious experience with military relocation. As her clients would tell you, she's a great listener and very accountable to you and your transaction, and she will always go the extra mile to assist  her clients with all of their Real Estate needs. 

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Daylin Pacheco

Real Estate Agent

Daylin Pacheco has over 15 years of experience assisting customers in both English and Spanish. As a people-person, Daylin's standard is to go above and beyond, always going the extra mile to make sure her clients get everything they need. After managing an apartment community for more than 10 years, Daylin joined our team as transactional coordinator, overseeing all of our organization and administrative systems. 

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