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Our Story

Martinez² & Associates of Florida began in the same place where we’ve cultivated the values and ethics that make us who we are: our family. Nellie Martinez, licensed real estate broker, and Pete Martinez, licensed real estate agent, know that there are plenty of real estate brokerage companies on the market. They couldn’t help but feel, though, as if something was missing. That special factor was family.

The Martinez family has deep roots in the Tampa Bay area, where Nellie racked up 15 years’ experience in the real estate industry. Eventually, the time came when Nellie and Pete decided to combine their passion for real estate with the values that make their family so special by establishing Martinez² & Associates, a company dedicated to helping residents of the Sunshine State find the homes of their dreams.

Though managed with expertise, Martinez² is fueled by a foundation of integrity, respect, and diligence that truly sets the company apart from any other. We’re thrilled you’ve taken the time to learn a little more about us and encourage you to reach out and get to know us even better. Don’t hesitate to reach out today so that, together, we can get started on making your residential dreams come true.

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