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Neighborhood Spotlight: SoHo

If you’re not from the Tampa area, then hearing “SoHo” might make you think of the famous fashion capital of New York City. Though maybe not as world-renowned, Tampa’s got a SoHo of its own. And, among the area’s residents, it’s every bit as recognizable and distinct as New York’s well-known fashion district.

Though it does boast some great shopping opportunities, Tampa’s SoHo neighborhood is most known for its incredible social scene. Featuring a wide array of highly frequented bars and restaurants, it’s one of Tampa’s go-to spots for young people to congregate. What may be surprising is that it’s a rising residential area, especially for young first-time homeowners looking to be close to the city’s most popular nightlife opportunities. Despite its reputation as a trendy place to spend a weekend, SoHo has tons of cultural opportunities to offer due to its incredible local food scene and proximity to Downtown Tampa.

Where to Spend Your Weekend

If you’re new to Tampa Bay (or, at least, new to its real estate scene), you may not know that the well-known SoHo region has an array of less-known real estate options. Tucked into quiet pockets of this vibrant neighborhood are beautiful, calm residential areas that make people of any age or background feel right at home. Of course, there are also various home ownership opportunities right in the middle of the action, only a couple of blocks’ walk to popular bars like Macdinton’s, SoHo Saloon, World of Beer, and Yard of Ale. One of the best parts of living in SoHo is having the ability to do it all. Planning a social weekend with friends? You’re only a short walk away from Tampa’s bustling nightlife. Looking to stay in and have a more low-key night in? The area’s quiet streets make that more than possible (and 5-minute walk to Howard St.’s bars and restaurants is always an option!).

Enjoy the Incredible Food

If there’s one thing SoHo does exceptionally well, it’s food. This neighborhood has become one of Tampa Bay’s most beloved food destinations - and for good reason. Featuring everything from popular chains to local family-owned places you won’t find anywhere else, SoHo’s biggest downfall to prospective residents is probably how difficult it’ll be not to eat out. Some of our favorite spots include Cask Social Kitchen’s delicious southern fare, Thee Tree House (they have amazing happy hours every weekday!), Ciccio Water’s fresh sushi and California-inspired meals, and Royal Palace Thai, a family-owned wonder that never disappoints.

The Heart of Community Events

One of the most exciting things about SoHo is that it often serves as a setting for Tampa Bay’s most anticipated events. From seasonal bar crawls near holidays like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Fourth of July to various events hosted to celebrate Gasparilla, SoHo makes it easy to stay involved in the famous community events that help make Tampa unique.

For prospective homeowners looking to find the best of Tampa’s nightlife without giving up peace and tranquility at home, SoHo is a no-brainer to consider. By living only a short walk away from Tampa’s most popular weekend destinations and sought-after restaurant, there’s one thing that’s for sure: if you live in SoHo, you’ll never be bored! To learn about specific home ownership opportunities in this exciting neighborhood, just reach out to us!

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