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Neighborhood Spotlight: Temple Terrace

We’re thrilled to be back with the second installment of our weekly Neighborhood Spotlight series! Whether you’re new to the Tampa Bay area, looking to start calling it home, or have resided here for years, one thing rings true: with the incredible growth that this area is seeing, it’s difficult to keep up with the new pastimes and activities that appear daily!

Tampa’s growth is exemplified well in the Temple Terrace neighborhood. Home to widely recognized landmarks like the University of South Florida and Busch Gardens, Temple Terrace is a one-of-a-kind blend of residential and touristic, youth and family. In short: it’s a versatile neighborhood that provides a win-win situation for any lifestyle.

What attractions, activities, and pastimes make Temple Terrace unique? What can residents count on in this neighborhood to make life not only comfortable, but exciting and fun? Wow - where do we begin? To learn about some of the best that Temple Terrace has to offer, just keep on reading!

Enjoying the Outdoors

When it comes to living your best lifestyle, outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home in Temple Terrace. From peaceful walks at the idyllic Lettuce Lake Park to getting acquainted with Florida’s famous amphibians at Croc Encounters, Temple Terrace provides an ideal setting for serenity and adventure alike. Speaking of adventure, it’s worth mentioning (and long-term Tampa residents are well aware of this one) that not one, but two world-famous amusement parks call the neighborhood home. Busch Gardens, which takes visitors on an adrenaline-fueled tour of Africa’s most celebrated monuments and wildlife, is joined by Adventure Island to provide excitement year-round for residents. (Pro tip: Florida residents can buy annual passes for discounted fees. You’re welcome.)

Have Fun While Learning (OK, OK - Hear Us Out)

At the risk of sounding like everyone’s second-grade teacher: learning can be fun! We encourage skeptics to check out the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) located in Temple Terrace to see for themselves. This museum walks visitors through the intersection between science and industrial development, giving an insightful firsthand look at the relatively recent discoveries that brought us where we are today. There’s something really exciting about getting a first-hand look at the foundations of the technology we all rely on so heavily today. There’s always something new to learn at this exciting museum - and residents of Temple Terrace are able to take full advantage!

Last (But Definitely Not Least): The FOOD

As we mentioned in our last blog post, one of the most amazing things about Tampa Bay is the amazing array of cultures that intersect here - and that extends to the mouthwatering culinary options around every corner. When it comes to Tampa’s diverse and inspiring food scene, Temple Terrace is no exception. It is home to must-visit restaurants like Cazador Grill, which offers comfort food with a Peruvian twist, Bangkok Jazz Thai Restaurant (one of our favorites!), Stefano Greek Italian Restaurant, a casual and comfortable Mediterranean spot with out-of-this-world dishes, and so much more. From well-known chains like World of Beer and Carrabba’s to one-of-a-kind local gems you won’t find anywhere else, Temple Terrace is serving up some of Tampa’s most exciting dining options.

Temple Terrace’s unique blend of exciting student life and residential peace makes it a unique neighborhood offering its residents the best of both worlds: a perfect intersection between exciting activities and a peaceful oasis to call home. The best part? The real estate market in this awesome Tampa neighborhood is flourishing. If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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